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IMG Medical Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Medical Tourism Mazatlán 

Phone USA ​(609) 503-4052

Phone Mex: (669) 114-3741

Location 1: Av. Cruz Lizarraga 710-1, Mazatlan Sinaloa  82010

Location 2: Hospital Marina, 3rd floor 307

Email: [email protected]


MTM Medical Membership Program

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About MTM

MTM Medical Membership Program

Medical Billing Mazatlan

My name is Scott Kramer, Founder of MTM.

I would like to explain about how we at MTM can help you and the community of Mazatlan with all your Medical Care. Medical Tourism Mazatlan is an emerging community resource designed to help you find the right medical attention for whatever is necessary. Our motto is “We never leave your side”, and we will guide you through the local health care labyrinth, connecting you with the best qualified professional health practitioners in Mazatlan. Medical Tourism Mazatlan has long referral list of highly recommended specialists that have been personally interviewed and vetted. Our team consist of All Surgeons, Stem Cell Treatment, Dentist (Implant Specialist), Eye Doctors, Physical Therapist, Fertility Doctors, Hip/Knee Surgeon, Botox, Plastic Surgeon ect., all the Health/Medical care a person would require. Including MRI, CT scans and Ultrasounds. We are not an impersonal automated reference network, we are a personal service where you are a face and a name, not just a policy number. Medical Tourism Mazatlan collaborates extensively with the Hospital Marina Mazatlan, also where we provide our Free consultation. We are also registered Insurance agents with the IMG International Medical Group (Agent #537343) & Tokio Marine HCC Travel Medical Insurance (Agent # 99340038A) The Service we provide is to assist both tourists and residents to find best quality health care at an affordable price. We consider our services giving back to the community. Our services are free of charge. So not only are you getting Priority treatment, the best quality healthcare in Mazatlan, You will also be receiving discounted prices from the doctors and hospital. We will also arrange Certified Nursing Services or Physical Therapy at the comfort of your home or where you are staying if needed.

By letting Medical Tourism Mazatlan be your guide, you can relax and enjoy your stay, knowing that you are covered for any eventuality.

Medical Billing Mazatlan
Medical Billing Mazatlan
Medical Billing Mazatlan
Medical Tourism Mexico
Mazatlan Medical Asssitance


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Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Insurance Mazatlan

IMG International Medical Group

" Travel Medical Insurance"

SkyMed Mazatlan Mexico

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Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

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Meet GeoBlue, a better kind of care for world travelers like you. Experience unsurpassed service and the convenience of mobile technology to access the best medical care no matter what country, town or time zone.

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MRI / CT scan / Ultrasound / X-RAY

Mex. 669-114-3741 / USA 609-503-4052

Hospital Marina Mazatlan
Hospital Marina Mazatlan
Hospital Marina Mazatlan
MRI Mazatlan, CT SCANS Mazatlan, X-RAYS Mazatlan

Our Exams

"Our mission is to keep up with the best technology and excellent service to provide reliable studies and diagnostic with the best quality."

  • Total Coverage Medical Check Up
  • Early Cancer and Heart Attack Detection
  • 64 Slices CT Scan
  • Full Body Scan
  • Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Coronary Arteries Calcuim Score
  • Coronary Arteries Angiography
  • Pulmonary Screening
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Echocardiogram
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Specialized Ultrasound
  • Liver Elastography
  • 3D and 4D Ultrasound
  • Color Ultrasound Doppler
  • Transvaginal and Transrectal Ultrasound
  • X ray
  • Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound
  • Central Bone Densitometry
  • Dental Overview and Dental Scan
  • Clinic Laboratory
Hospital Marina Mazatlan

Our 64-Slice CT Scan SIEMENS produces high-resolution images for quicker diagnostics. This method uses specialized x-rays to obtain images in different perspectives and plans that allows us to study the body with reconstructions of the organs for the Diagnostic , Disease Evaluation or Cancer and Heart Attack Risk Early Detection .

Early detection is the early search for suspicious Cancer lesions in the body through imaging studies before the disease produces symptoms, palpates, manifests, or has metastasis.
  • Coronary Arteries Angiography
  • Angiography of the whole Body
  • Coronary Artery Calcium Score
  • Full body scan
  • Pulmonary Screening
  • Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Simple UroTC - Stones in Urinary Tract
  • UroTC contrast - Tumors in U rinary Tract
  • Dental scan