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IMG Medical Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Medical Tourism Mazatlán 

Phone USA ​(609) 503-4052

Phone Mex: (669) 114-3741

Location 1: Av. Cruz Lizarraga 710-1, Mazatlan Sinaloa  82010

Location 2: Hospital Marina, 3rd floor 307

Email: [email protected]


Ambulance Mazatlan

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Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Insurance Mazatlan

IMG International Medical Group

" Travel Medical Insurance"

Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Why Choose GeoBlue Travel Insurance?

Meet GeoBlue, a better kind of care for world travelers like you. Experience unsurpassed service and the convenience of mobile technology to access the best medical care no matter what country, town or time zone.

Medical Tourism Mexico
Mazatlan Medical Asssitance


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Hospital Marina Mazatlan

Tokio Marine HCC

Travel Medical Insurance

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SkyMed Mazatlan Mexico

North America's Premier Emergency Air Transportation Membership Service 

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Welcome to our Nursing Services of Mazatlan 

Our nursing services we provide have characteristics that make them different from other services offered by special care providers, the dedication with which we do our work helps create added value, so the client feels great satisfaction when hiring Our services are based on the professionalism of our human talent, its warmth and high ethical values. Thanks to the fact that we provide a home delivery service, we can be contacted and reach negotiations by telephone or email, this means that our office does not need an established business premises to be able to contract the services.

Our services are provided by trained personnel and are especially aimed at the care and recovery of patients at home.

  • Lic. Nurses 
  • General Nursing Procedures and Care.
  • Cures to patients with diabetic foot.
  • Pressure ulcer cures.
  • Sponge bath to Bedridden Patients.
  • Physical Therapy of Movement.
  • Vital Signs (Blood Pressure, Oximetry, Glucometry, etc).
  • Injections.
  • Administration of Intravenous Medicines.
  • Foley Probe Placement.
  • Change of Postpartum and Postoperative Bandages.
  • Withdrawal of Wound Points.
  • Medical Equipment Rental (Beds, Infusion Pumps, Oxygen Concentrators, Nebulizers). 
  • Company, Assistance, Care and General Recovery Care. 

Nurse Services Mazatlan Mexico
Nursing Services Mazatlan Mexico

Mission.- Offer quality home nursing procedures, with the best specialized personnel at the service and with a human attitude that provides specialized quality care with high professional ethical sense, which meets the requirements and demands of the service offered, in addition to Be competent, responsible and professional so that our clients feel safe when receiving our care.

Vision.- To be leaders in the market of nursing and special care at home, recognized nationally for the superior performance in the development of our activity, always guaranteeing quality care and warmth to the users through the total satisfaction of our patients In addition to preserve the image of being the most organized, safe and reliable in special home care.

Nurse Services Mazatlan Mexico