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IMG Medical Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Medical Tourism Mazatlán 

Phone USA ​(609) 503-4052

Phone Mex: (669) 114-3741

Location 1: Av. Cruz Lizarraga 710-1, Mazatlan Sinaloa  82010

Location 2: Hospital Marina, 3rd floor 307

Email: [email protected]


Ambulance Mazatlan

 MTM Video (We Never Leave Your Side)


Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Insurance Mazatlan

IMG International Medical Group

" Travel Medical Insurance"

Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Why Choose GeoBlue Travel Insurance?

Meet GeoBlue, a better kind of care for world travelers like you. Experience unsurpassed service and the convenience of mobile technology to access the best medical care no matter what country, town or time zone.

Medical Tourism Mexico
Mazatlan Medical Asssitance


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Hospital Marina Mazatlan

Tokio Marine HCC

Travel Medical Insurance

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SkyMed Mazatlan Mexico

North America's Premier Emergency Air Transportation Membership Service 

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Air Ambulance Mazatlan

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SkyMed Takes you Home

The Medical Evacuation Plan that out performs All Others. Unmatched Gold Standard Air Evacuation Membership. Not to be confused with Look Alike Companies that only agrees to transport you

to the nearest medical facility. In an emergency you are probably already there.

Sky Med takes you home after stabilized, to your own Physicians, Family, and your own health care provider by choice of the member. One Time application with guaranteed renewal, regardless of age and changes

in health. Easy renewal. No medical reports required to renew Fixed Pricing. Your rate will not increase due to age, or medical status. No Age discrimination. Accepts most applicants over 75 Long term piece of mind .Covers all future medical conditions.

Sky Med flies to Canada, USA, from Mexico. No travel restrictions due to travel

warnings. New Covid 19 option available to active Sky Med Members. To take advantage of substantial membership discount, 

Contact Scott Kramer 669-114-3741

MTM (Medical Tourism Mazatlan)

and mention code # 1061.01

Or fill out SkyMed Application Form

SkyMed International, Inc.

The flagship of the SkyMed Group of Companies, has been serving the traveling public since 1989. A membership company specializing in 18 emergency travel services, we have organized air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance. If a member sustains a critical illness or injury while traveling in one of the 32 countries that make up the SkyMed UNIVERSE, they will be repatriated back to their home hospital of choice.​

SkyMed Mazatlan


 Annual membership plan includes 12 key services. This program is excellent for frequent travelers and RV owners. As a SkyMed Member, we will arrange and pay for your transport to your transport preference in the United States, Canada, Mexico or Caribbean should you suffer a critical illness or injury. Plus we'll even return your spouse or companion, your children, your grandchildren, your stranded vehicles and your pets!

SkyMed Mazatlan