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IMG Medical Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Medical Tourism Mazatlán 

Phone USA ​(609) 503-4052

Phone Mex: (669) 114-3741

Location 1: Av. Cruz Lizarraga 710-1, Mazatlan Sinaloa  82010

Location 2: Hospital Marina, 3rd floor 307

Email: [email protected]


MTM Medical Membership Program

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About MTM

MTM Medical Membership Program

Medical Billing Mazatlan

My name is Scott Kramer, Founder of MTM.

I would like to explain about how we at MTM can help you and the community of Mazatlan with all your Medical Care. Medical Tourism Mazatlan is an emerging community resource designed to help you find the right medical attention for whatever is necessary. Our motto is “We never leave your side”, and we will guide you through the local health care labyrinth, connecting you with the best qualified professional health practitioners in Mazatlan. Medical Tourism Mazatlan has long referral list of highly recommended specialists that have been personally interviewed and vetted. Our team consist of All Surgeons, Stem Cell Treatment, Dentist (Implant Specialist), Eye Doctors, Physical Therapist, Fertility Doctors, Hip/Knee Surgeon, Botox, Plastic Surgeon ect., all the Health/Medical care a person would require. Including MRI, CT scans and Ultrasounds. We are not an impersonal automated reference network, we are a personal service where you are a face and a name, not just a policy number. Medical Tourism Mazatlan collaborates extensively with the Hospital Marina Mazatlan, also where we provide our Free consultation. We are also registered Insurance agents with the IMG International Medical Group (Agent #537343) & Tokio Marine HCC Travel Medical Insurance (Agent # 99340038A) The Service we provide is to assist both tourists and residents to find best quality health care at an affordable price. We consider our services giving back to the community. Our services are free of charge. So not only are you getting Priority treatment, the best quality healthcare in Mazatlan, You will also be receiving discounted prices from the doctors and hospital. We will also arrange Certified Nursing Services or Physical Therapy at the comfort of your home or where you are staying if needed.

By letting Medical Tourism Mazatlan be your guide, you can relax and enjoy your stay, knowing that you are covered for any eventuality.

Medical Billing Mazatlan
Medical Billing Mazatlan
Medical Billing Mazatlan
Medical Tourism Mexico
Mazatlan Medical Asssitance


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Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Insurance Mazatlan

IMG International Medical Group

" Travel Medical Insurance"

SkyMed Mazatlan Mexico

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Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico
Medical Travel Insurance Mazatlan Mexico

Why Choose GeoBlue Travel Insurance?

Meet GeoBlue, a better kind of care for world travelers like you. Experience unsurpassed service and the convenience of mobile technology to access the best medical care no matter what country, town or time zone.

Mesenchymal (human) Stem Cells

Mesenchymal Stem Cells are Regenerative.

YOU ACHIEVE REGENERATE AND REPAIR all your affected Organs, Tissues and Bones.

✅ TRANSFORMS and keeps IN CONTROL all YOUR SYSTEMS (cardiac, immune, nervous, circulatory, etc ...).

✅ PROTECT YOUR HEALTH and stay in GOOD CONDITION to avoid or prevent chronic degenerative diseases, which are what lead to premature death ...

✅ YOU MAKE your ORGANISM become NEW day by day.

Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico


Medical Tourism Mazatlan MTM 

Working together with the bank of Mesenchymal (human) Stem Cells and the largest Cell Biotechnology Center in the American Continent with more than 18 years of experience in research and development of cell therapy as medical treatment in Mexico.

We have international recognition, such as 4 Doctor Honoris Causa and 1 golden sun for excellence and quality in the performance of our work in the field of Regenerative Medicine; thus having the support of more than 1,500 doctors nationally and internationally.

Our International Scientific Advisory Committee is chaired by Dr. Arnol Caplan of Cleveland, Ohio, regarded as the "father of Stem Cells in the world". We have been pioneers in the fields of regenerative medicine research and innovation, in addition to helping develop new comprehensive therapeutic options to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Our laboratory We have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities, ISO 6 classification, which comply with the OFFICIAL MEXICAN STANDARD 059-SSA1-2025 that establishes the good manufacturing practices of the pharmaceutical industry with respect to class A laboratories, in turn the team with those who are in the cell bank, guarantee production practices under the ISO 5 conditions established by current regulations. In this way, we can achieve the highest quality and production control, which is backed by third-party laboratories that have COFEPRIS approval. We are the only laboratory with the 3 permits that currently exist in the management of the development of regenerative medicine based on obtaining, expanding and applying mesenchymal stem cells.

Mesenchymal (human) Stem Cells Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implant Mazatlan Mexico

News Article

Despite the fact that the sector of the population vulnerable to COVID-19 has already been described, as in any other disease, one of the ways in which a population copes is through collective immunity. If the healthy patients who contract the disease have a greater capacity to stop it, the lower the risk of transmission. This is because the body will be able to counteract the infection in a more effective and faster way. On the other hand, they can free the health system to focus on the people who really need it.

Treatment with mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) is known to have an immunomodulatory effect and possess the ability to modify the cellular environment, helping to prepare the body for the stress that is continuously received from the environment, as well as to cope with some infection.

Therefore, this treatment is recommended as a form of prevention, both for vulnerable patients and for the general population.

However, it is necessary to clarify that not every cell works. In patients treated in China, mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) were cultivated under the criteria of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and with rigorous quality control. It is important that the regenerative treatment comes from a Stem Cell Bank that can verify cell purity, identity and viability to ensure the success of the treatment.

In China, the use of up to 150 million mesenchymal stem cells (CTM) distributed in three doses in some severe cases of COVID-19 was approved. The application of mesenchymal stem cells (CTM) resulted in the improvement of all transplant patients.

These results indicate that the treatment with Human Stem Cells may be one of the most effective to combat the complications of COVID-19.

Human Stem Cells are cells with an immunomodulatory capacity already recognized in different scientific reports around the world. Its effectiveness has been shown above all in inflammatory diseases or the immune system. Such is the well-known case of its use against graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), in which mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are administered to prevent and decrease the inflammatory action produced by organ transplantation.

Through their already known functions, they decrease the cascade of pro-inflammatory molecules and stimulate the immune system itself to produce anti-inflammatory cells and molecules, this reduces harmful inflammation. In addition, they help the body to recover naturally, since they secrete growth and angiogenic factors that allow the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico
Stem Cell Implants Mazatlan Mexico